Socks In A Box

A subscription box site selling bespoke, sustainably sourced bamboo socks to both men and women.

Socks In A Box
The client

A subscription-based retailer that designs its own sets of socks which are then sold exclusively through the website.

The brief

Replace the previous Angular-based site with a more SEO-friendly one which also includes all the administration functionality to run the company’s operations.

The outcome

A significant uplift in site traffic as well as a higher conversion rate. Additionally the PDF-based printing functionality meant much more efficient order fulfillment.

What we did

This site is a custom made, subscription-based ecommerce site that sells luxury socks both in a subscription and as one-off purchases. We decided to take this approach (instead of using an existing e-commerce template) to give us the flexibility to match the desired functionality without the need for extra plug-ins or heavily modifying the template’s code, which inevitably leads to compromises on what can be done.

The site has also been optimised for search engines (SEO) based on the set of relevant keywords. This optimisation is an ongoing process with regular changes needing to be made to existing and new page content.

Complicated on the inside, simple on the outside
To the customer, they will receive one or two pairs of socks each month. The system behind that needs to select the correct socks (to make sure they’ve not had them before), generate personalised printed inserts and posting labels for each dispatch and then tell the customer the socks are on their way.

As a result there’s quite a comprehensive administration system behind this site which belies the standard e-commerce nature of the front end.

Clever payments
For this project we used the payment processor Stripe which has inbuilt functionality to help deal with recurring payments. This allowed us to offload a lot of the work to Stripe, which then communicates via API calls, letting the site know when a customer has paid for their next subscription.

Tech stack
  • Stripe
  • .NET Core 3.1
  • SQL Azure
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