MB Olympians

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So, we’ve just recovered from an awesome MB night out at the Olympic Stadium in Stratford, where  our MB team competed in the Diamond Relay 2015.

The 5 x 5km relay race around the Olympic park and stadium track saw us competing on the same soil that Mo Farah and Usain Bolt had ran on only a few night previously – it felt pretty special.

Race conditions were  tough – it was a chilly evening and the winds were whistling around the Olympic Park. The undulating course was also tougher than expected, but with the usual MB grit and determination we pushed through with some impressive times – including a few PBs. We even got to take home the gold baton pictured above (we’re way too excited about this).

We finished a respectable 66th out of 229 teams – most other teams were from big corporates, city firms, sports companies (Nike etc.) or even comprised of olympians themselves. Give we’re a bunch of amateurs who spend most of our time buried in wireframes and code, I think we can hold our heads up pretty high.

A big shout out to Daniel and Ed who stepped in – next year we’ll win the thing!